CSCC is pleased to offer its members the following Search options:

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Member login is required to access some areas of the CSCC website search results.

A separate subscription is required to access all ListServ articles.

  • If you already have a ListServ account, simply login with your exisiting credentials
  • If you do not have a ListServ account, you will need to follow the subscribe link and additional on-screen instructions.  Your application will be forwarded  forwarded to the list owner for approval.

Listserv uses browser cookies to remember that you have authenticated.  If you do not explicitly Log Out or clear your browser’s cache, you will not have to log in again on subsequent visits.  If you do have to log in again on a subsequent visit, it’ll be because you are at a different computer or your browser settings have cleared your cache and deleted the cookie.  This is either a usability feature or a security issue, depending upon the nature of your mailing list and/or how your members access the list archives and with which devices, and you will want to advise your members accordingly.