Provincial Sections may be established subject to the approval of Council, upon application in writing by five Full Members residing within that Province.  In the case of those provinces where there is no official Provincial Section, members residing therein may seek membership in a neighbouring Provincial Section.

Provincial Sections have autonomy in all matters not defined, limited or reserved by the Society. 

Current Provincial Sections:



British Columbia SCC

Morris Pudek

Alberta SCC

Allison Venner (President)
Jessica Boyd (Secretary)
Karina Capote (Treasurer)

Saskatchewan SCC

Jay Kalra (President)
Jeff Eichhorst (Vice President)
A. Mabood Qureshi (Secretary-Treasurer)

Manitoba SCC

Tom Dembinski

Ontario SCC

Cynthia Balion

New Brunswick SCC

Ihssan Boutiauy (President)
Yu Chen (Vice President)
Jennifer Shea (Secretary-Treasurer)

Nova Scotia SCC

Rasoul Alikhani Koupaei

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