About the Outstanding Contribution Award in the Profession of Clinical Biochemistry

Presented as a mark of recognition of outstanding contribution to the field of Clinical Biochemistry within the province of Ontario.  This award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the field through practice changes, education, research or leadership. 

Terms of Reference

  1. The Award shall be presented to an individual as a mark of recognition for outstanding contribution to Clinical Biochemistry.
  2. The recipient must be a member of the OSCC.
  3. The Award shall usually be presented annually during the OSCC annual scientific meeting, but if in the opinion of the Awards Committee no suitable candidate is available, the Award shall not be presented.
  4. The Award shall be accompanied by a plaque and an honorarium in the amount of $500.

How to Apply / Submit Nominations

OSCC members are invited to nominate individuals for the Outstanding Contribution award in the Profession of Clinical Biochemistry.
Each nomination letter/e-mail must be signed by two members of the Society, and should outline the nominee’s achievements and reasons why they should receive the award.

Deadline: June 30 (annually)

Nominations must be submitted to the OSCC Nominations Committee, no later than June 30.

Past Recipients