Purpose:  Foster the understanding of monoclonal gammopathy conditions and their associated investigations and to promote cooperation among members.
Chair: Ron Booth
Chair Term of Office: 2016 - present
General Activities: • Development of nationwide, evidence-based practice guidelines with respect to monoclonal gammopathy investigations
    o Practice surveys: Clinical biochemists, MLTs, physician users
    o Literature review
    o Collaborative studies
    o Guideline development and write-up
• Case discussions
• Regular meetings during CSCC annual conference
Minutes & Meeting Materials: Minutes of the June 2018 meeting of the MGIG in Ottawa
Protein Electrophoresis Recommendations Development Slides June 2018
Minutes of the June 2014 meeting of the MGIG in Charlottetown
Publications: Candidate recommendations for protein electrophoresis reporting from the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists Monoclonal Gammopathy Working Group (as published in Clinical Biochemistry)



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