Autoverification Interest Group

Purpose:  To set up a forum for discussion of Biochemistry laboratory autoverification rules and set up a common standardized database of autoverification limits. 
Chair: AbdulRazaq Sokoro
Chair Term of Office: 2013 - 2016
Members:  • Dr. AbdulRazaq Sokoro
• Dr. Kent Dooley 
• Dr. Arun Garg
• Dr. Allison Venner
• Dr. Paul Yip
• Dr. Rose Djiana 
• Dr. Denis Lehotay
• Dr. Doug Gornall
• Dr. Richard Krause
• Dr. Stephen Hill 
• Dr. Steve Kazmierczak
• Dr. Lyle Redman
• Dr. Christopher McCudden
• Dr. Karina Capote
• Dr. Yu Chen
• Dr. Lei Fu
• Dr. Vipin Bhayana 
General Activities: 1. Teleconference Discussions on issues of common interest.
2. Annual meeting satellite group discussions on issues of common interest.
3. Set up of a data repository of autoverification limits for chemistry analyzers
Minutes: Minutes of the Autovertification Interest Group meeting June 2014 in Charlottetown

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