CSCC Award for Research Excellence

Sponsored by Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

Terms of Reference

 1. The Award shall be presented to an individual or group, as a mark of recognition of their contribution to research directly or indirectly related to clinical chemistry in Canada.

2. The Award shall usually be presented annually, but if in the opinion of the Awards Committee no group or individual is available in any year, the Award shall not be made.

3. Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics have agreed to make an annual contribution of $3,000 CDN. The Award shall be accompanied by a framed certificate and by an honorarium in the amount of $1,500. The balance of $1,500 remaining after the honorarium shall be used to meet the administrative expenses, the production of the framed scroll, and to make a contribution towards expenses involved in ensuring the attendance of the recipient at the Annual Conference of the Society.

4. The Awards Committee shall choose the recipient(s) of the Award.

5. The Awards Committee shall report its choice to the Council of the Society at its Winter Meeting for the year for which the Award is made.

6. The President of the Society will notify the recipient(s) of the award and inform Ortho Clinical Diagnostics of the name of the recipient(s) of the Award not later than March 1, in the year for which the Award is made. . 7. The recipient(s) of the Award is (are) not usually expected to give an address or present a paper, but the Award and the reading of the citation shall usually be made at the Annual Conference of the Society.  A representative of Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics shall be invited to participate in the presentation.

8. No formal nomination procedure is specified, but members of the Society may propose suitable candidates to the Awards Committee through the Head Office of the Society.  Curriculum vitae and other suitable documentation in support of the nominee must accompany nominations from the membership.  Proposals shall be solicited annually in the Newsletter of the Society.

9. The amendment of these Terms of Reference is the responsibility of the Council of the Society, subject to the concurrence of the sponsor of the Award.  Council of the Society and the corporate sponsor of the Award should review these Terms of Reference a minimum of once every five years.


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