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Requirements of Fellowship

By-Law 7.3.4
A person shall be eligible to apply for Fellowship who is a Full Member of the Society and who has met, in the opinion of the Board of the Academy, the requirements for Fellowship approved by the membership of the Academy. To remain a Fellow of the Academy, a person must pay annual membership dues and comply with the professional development program for the maintenance of competence.

What is reinstatement?

A return to status as a Fellow requires reinstatement into the PD Program and compliance with the program. The process applies to Fellows who are: 1) returning from Emeritus status to active practice;
or 2) restoring compliance with the PD Program after removal from the “List of Fellows”.

Reinstatement Process

Application Form for Reinstatement

Once your application has been approved for reinstatement, and any past dues have been paid (see below), re-entry into the Professional Development Program will require the following steps:

  1. In the first year of reinstatement, the annual minimum of 25 credits, in any category, shall be met by December 31 and submitted to the PD Program by the usual deadline (February 28).
  2. In the second year, the member will be audited for compliance with the PD Program, except for the 3-year rule. The second year of reinstatement follows the same minimum annual
    requirement and audit.
  3. In the third year of reinstatement, full compliance is required and the 3-year rule will apply. A third audit will be conducted.  
  4. Upon notification of maintenance of full compliance for 3 years, the reinstatement process is complete and the PD Program certificate will be issued.



  • For returning Emeritus Fellows, Academy dues apply in the year following the request. Credits for previous years may be considered by the Head Office and Chair of the MOC Committee if required for specific purposes (e.g. PD certificate requested by employer). Submission of previous years’ credits shall be subject to payment of past dues and audit of credits.
  • For Fellows who are restoring compliance, dues must continue to be paid.