CSCC Council 2018-2019

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President Dr. Stephen Hill 2017-2019
President-Elect Dr. Ted Dunn 2017-2019
Secretary Dr. Jennifer Shea 2018-2021
Treasurer Dr. Ivan Blasutig 2017-2020
Head, Education & Scientific Affairs Division Dr. Allison Venner 2016-2019
Head, Professional Affairs Division Dr. Julie Shaw 2016-2019
Head, Publications Division Dr. Isolde Seiden-Long 2018-2021
Councillor Dr. Anna Fuezery 2018-2020
Councillor Dr. Danijela Konforte 2017-2019
Councillor Dr. Nicolas Tétreault 2017-2019
Executive Director Pamela Lyons  


CACB Board of Directors 2018-2019

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Chair Dr. Abdulrazaq Sokoro 2018-2021
Secretary/Communicatons Dr. Matthew Henderson 2018-2021
Chair, Credentials Committee Dr. Yu Chen 2017-2020
Chair, Certification Committee Dr. Curtis Oleschuk 2019-2022
Chair, Accreditation of Training Programs Committee Dr. Benjamin Jung 2017-2020
Chair, Maintenance of Competence Committee Dr. Rose Djiana 2018-2021
Chair, Nominations & Awards Committee Dr. Amy Lou 2019-2022


Interest Groups

 Paediatric and Perinatal Biochemistry Focus Group
 Fluids Interest Group
 Monoclonal Gammopathy Interest Group
 Autovertification Interest Group
 CALIPER Interest Group
 Toxicology Interest Group
 Point of Care Testing Interest Group

Working Group

Quality Management Working Group



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