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"To Preserve and protect our professional heritage"

The Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC) held a founding meeting in Montreal on Oct 17th 1956.  Since then laboratory testing and sophistication has changed remarkably.  Our influence and impact has included a wide range of contributions in the basic sciences, in applied clinical medicine, in quality assurance and proficiency testing, the health record, in private public partnerships. Clinical Chemists are educators of coworkers and patients. Canadian Clinical Chemists have been leaders of international organizations of Clinical Chemists. 

CSCC Archives Committee is committed to preserving and protecting our professional heritage.  By promoting awareness of where we have been, we can help direct our profession into a more effective future.  We believe it is important that all of our members should be involved with their profession and celebrate accomplishments.  Of particular importance to the Archives Committee, is engagement of our more experienced members to share with the membership their experiences and wisdom.

The CSCC Archives Committee will prepare for the CSCC website, in open and members’ only sections, records such as: photographs, interviews, videos, location of artifacts, minutes of meetings and proceedings, awards, and articles that summarize the general progress of our profession. It is the intention that the achievements of our leaders, teachers, mentors, colleagues and students will be captured and not forgotten.


 Memories The Founding of CSCC
  Memories of the Birth of CACB
  The Origin and History of the Science and Profession of Clinical Biochemistry
  Founding Fellows of the Academy
  Presidential Tribute on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of CSCC
  An archival video made in 1993 to promote the profession of Clinical Chemistry
•  Clinical Chemistry: The New Frontier. A Career in Clinical Chemistry
•  Biochimie Clinique: Aux Frontières de la Connaissance. Un Carrière en Biochimie Clinique

Created by Dr. Mary-Ann Kallai-Sanfaçon in 1993
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  Past CSCC Councils


  Past CACB Boards of Directors

25th Anniversary Fun Photos

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