CSCC Award for Innovation in Laboratory Medicine
sponsored by Roche


Presented to a clinical laboratory in Canada that has distinguished itself by outstanding accomplishment through innovation in the field of clinical chemistry, pathology or laboratory medicine. 

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CLS 200x1422018 Winner

Calgary Laboratory Services

Transformation of urine drug testing to meet the clinical demands for addiction services and emergency services




CSCC Award for Outstanding Contribution to Clinical Chemistry
sponsored by Siemens Healthineers

Siemens Healthineers

Presented as a mark of recognition of outstanding achievement in and/or contribution to the field of clinical chemistry

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  Lepage 150x187 


 2018 Winner

 Dr. Natalie Lepage





CSCC Award for Research Excellence
sponsored by Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Presented to an individual or group, as a mark of recognition of their contribution to research directly or indirectly related to clinical chemistry in Canada. 

Winners Terms of Reference

Fritzler 15 x172  


  2018 Winner 

Dr. Marvin Fritzler





CSCC Award for Education Excellence
sponsored by Beckman Coulter Canada

Beckman Coulter

Presented to an individual or group as a mark of recognition of outstanding contribution to education in the field of clinical chemistry 

Winners Terms of Reference

    Yip 150x194   


  2018 Winner

 Dr. Paul Yip







CSCC Trainee Elective Visit Grants
Short-term visits (i.e. elective visits) to other laboratories provide trainees in laboratory medicine with a unique opportunity to augment their skill sets.
CSCC provides a limited number of Trainee Elective Visit Grants of up to $2,000 per grant each year in support of this important facet of laboratory medicine training.
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CSCC Grant for Leadership and/or Administration
sponsored by Abbott Diagnostics
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CSCC Trainee Travel Grants
sponsored by CSCC
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CSCC Grant for Educational Activities and Professional Development
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CSCC Regional Grants
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