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CSCC provides the profession with an increasingly strong and effective voice at national and international levels. 
It is the only national organization that speaks out for the clinical chemist and their
rights, responsibilities and concerns.

Laboratory Utilization

President, Dr. Dave Kinniburgh, Dr. Sherry Perkins and Dr. Laurette Geldenhuys (CAP) presented a workshop on Laboratory Utilization at the recent annual conference of the Canadian Association of Pathologists. 

Workshop Slides


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CSCC Report Card

At a meeting of the heads of societies related to laboratory medicine, held July 12, 2014 in Toronto at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Pathologists, Dr. Kinniburgh gave the following report.

Report to CAP-ACP Council from Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists
David W Kinniburgh, PhD, FCACB, President
July13, 2014

The CSCC is pleased to make the following report to CAP-ACP Council on its activities for the past year.

CSCC AGM Charlottetown The CSCC held a very successful Annual Meeting in Charlottetown PEI, June 8-11, 2014. A highlight of the meeting was a stimulating keynote address by Dr. Graham Beastall, President of the International Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine, who spoke on the Value of Laboratory Medicine. This meeting marked the end of my first year as President of the CSCC and I have one more year in my term of office.

Combined Meeting with CAP in 2015 We are looking forward to a successful joint meeting with CAP-ACP in Montreal in 2015.

IFCC Award to Matt McQueen The CSCC is very pleased that a long time and very respected member, Dr. Matt McQueen, was awarded the 2014 IFCC Distinguished Clinical Chemist Award, the most prestigious IFCC award. Many of you will know Dr. McQueen as a very worthy recipient of this award.

Canadian Leadership Council on Laboratory Medicine The CSCC is a member of the CLCLM Executive Committee representing the CSCC, the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists and Canadian College of Microbiologists. I am chair of the subcommittee established to examine the issue of Laboratory Utilization and make recommendations on actions to the CLCLM.  A report will be made at the CLCLM Full Council meeting on Monday.

Laboratory Utilization Activities In support of the Laboratory Utilization theme the CSCC sponsored Dr. Sherry Perkins as the Travelling Lecturer for 2014 making presentations in 6 cities across Canada. We also featured a Symposia on Laboratory Utilization at our 2014 CSCC Charlottetown Conference. Dr. Perkins made a presentation to the CSLMS Annual conference in Saskatoon and Dr. Perkins and I participated in a workshop with Drs. Geldenhuys and Reis at the CAP meeting. Dr. Perkins will be presenting at a CADTH meeting later this year.

IFCC-Siemens Conference The CSCC has collaborated with the IFCC and Siemens to organize a specialty conference on Biomarkers in Neuropsychiatric Disorders that will be held in Toronto, October 24-25, of this year. Because of the specialized nature of this topic we will be will be advertising the meeting at universities across the Canada to attract the specialists in this area and I encourage CAP members to mention this meeting to colleagues who may be interested.

Health Professions Regulation for Clinical Doctoral Scientists in Alberta and Ontario The CSCC is providing support for members in Alberta and Ontario who are working with the clinical microbiologists and clinical geneticists to become regulated under provincial health professions legislation. The Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons has signaled their support for this initiative. In preparation for this, and consistent with our commitment to education and excellence, the Canadian Academy for Clinical Biochemistry, the arm of CSCC that is responsible for training, examination and professional development, is revising and strengthening the PD requirements for fellows to reinforce the importance of compliance with maintenance of competency requirements.

New Federal Not-For-Profit Society Regulations The CSCC has made the necessary changes to our bylaws to comply with new Federal not-for-profit society regulations.

Respectfully submitted,

David W. Kinniburgh, PhD, FCACB
President, Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists


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EPOCC Accomplishments 2014

EPOCC 2014 Accomplishments


 EPOCC Sponsors Award at National Science Fair

The Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists recently sponsored their first award at the Canadian National Science Fair, held in Windsor Ontario in 2014.

Winner was Michael Xu, shown here with Dr. Angela Rutledge, CSCC member, who presented him with the award.  Michael qualified for the Nationals by winning an award at the Manitoba Schools Science Symposium.  He is from St. John's Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg. 

At the National Fair, Michael won in the Senior Health category, for a project entitled "Quantitative Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells in Prostate Cancer". 

Michael's Biography:

As a grade 12 high school student from Manitoba, I've always had an interest in sports, music and science. Science particularly intrigued me with its practical applications to improve human health. At CancerCare Manitoba, I had the opportunity to be involved with prostate cancer research.  My project uses circulating tumour cells as a biomarker in order to help identify steps of prostate cancer disease progression. Further investigation involves applying this diagnostic information in clinical trials with the goal of  advancing individualized treatment. Science fairs allowed me to explore my interests and actively learn about a topic, with an emphasis on critical thinking. Moreover, presenting to judges also provided a great opportunity to improve through their constructive feedback. I encourage all students to participate in science fairs! It is an extremely rewarding experience. 

EPOCC's First "Blood Sweat and Tears Charity Run/Walk" Raises $2,250 for QEH Foundation

QEH presentationThe "Educating the Public On Clinical Chemistry" (EPOCC) committee and the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC) teamed up for CSCC’s first ever charity run on June 6, 2014 in Charlottetown, PEI to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation.

The 5 km Blood Sweat and Tears CSCC Charity Walk and Run coincided with CSCC’s 58th Annual conference and raised $2, 250.00 for the QEH Foundation which will be used within the provincial Laboratory. “We exist to support the QEH Family with the purchase of up-to-date medical equipment and technologies,” said QEH Foundation Community Relations Officer MaryEllen Hughes at the race. “We currently have two lab coagulation instruments we are trying to raise money for.” Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation confirmed the proceeds raised during the charity run went directly toward the purchase of the two new coagulation instruments.

With the QEH being Prince Edward Island’s main referral hospital, Hughes says QEH can’t thank CSCC enough for its support. “Everybody needs the hospital. No matter what. Everyone is going to need the QEH at some point in their lives, especially the lab for diagnostics. 

Everybody came together to make this happen and it’s really great.” EPOCC member and Chair of the organizing committee for the charity race Allison Venner says EPOCC looks for initiatives to give back to the community when CSCC visits a city. “The race was one of the ideas that came up. Not only can we have CSCC members participate but over the years, we can gradually increase the number of local community members running or walking with us. We are looking for ways to expose our profession and this was a good way to do that.”

The race had 28 participants and 23 volunteers including the organizing committee: Valerie Robinson, Ron Booth, Nathalie Lepage, Andrew Lyon, Curtis Oleschuk and Allison Venner.  The Running Room and Ready2Race also offered support along with generous sponsors Sysmex, Siemens and Roche. “We had a nice mix of people step in and participate which was great,” says Venner, adding the first race was a success. “We couldn’t have asked for a better day!” Plans have already begun for the second Blood Sweat and Tears Charity Walk and Run in Montreal in 2015.

Photo L to R: Dr. Allison Venner, Dr. David Kinniburgh (CSCC President), Tracy Comeau, Executive Director, QEH Foundation, Dr. Humaira Khaman, Medical Director, Laboratory Services, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Louise Farrar, Chief Technologist, Clinical Chemistry, Health PEI/Queen Elizabeth Hospital.









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Biomarkers in Neuropsychiatric Disorders

IFCC Specialized Conference
October 24-25, 2014  •  Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto ON



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IFCC Positions Open

IFCC periodically issues a call to each Society asking for nominations to Committees.  If a nomination from CSCC to IFCC is accepted, the CSCC member becomes a member of the committee.  Nominees not accepted for a position are usually invited to sit on the committee as a corresponding member.

How to Apply:
CSCC members interested in applying for a position should send a supporting statement (~500 words) indicating why you would be suitable for this position and a short CV (maximum 1 page) to the CSCC Head Office (office@cscc.ca) by the deadline.  Please read the request carefully as some applications require more detailed informaiton.  Only one candidate for each committee or group may be nominated by CSCC.  The CSCC Executive will select the candidate to be forwarded to IFCC. 

EMD Committee on Distance Learning
Questionnaire (to be submitted with CV)
Deadline for Submission: September 3, 2014



























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