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 Call for Roundtables and Scientific Workshops
Deadline:  January 31, 2015

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CSCC provides the profession with an increasingly strong and effective voice at national and international levels. 
It is the only national organization that speaks out for the clinical chemist and their
rights, responsibilities and concerns.

2014 Labs4Life Photo Contest

labs are vital

Pathologists and laboratory professionals play a vital role in patient care around the world.  But exactly where can these essential members of the medical team be found?  In celebration of the upcoming International Pathology Day on November 5, Labs are Vital wants to see where in the world you work in their 2014 Labs4Life Photo Contest.


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Nominations to Council


  • President-Elect (2015-2017)
  • Secretary - (2015-2018)
  • Head, Publications Division (2015-2018)
  • Councillor (2 positions)  (2015-2017)

Nominations must be signed by 3 members who are eligible to nominate, 1 of whom shall act as the proposer, and be accompanied by the written consent of the nominee.  Members are also welcome to volunteer to stand for the position.

Deadline:  November 30, 2014

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Call for Award Nominations

Members are invited to nominate their colleagues for the following awards

  • CSCC Award for Outstanding Contribution to Clinical Chemistry
  • CSCC Education Excellence Award
  • CSCC Research Excellence Award
  • CACB Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession of Clinical Biochemistry
  • CSCC Innovation Award - New! (See Terms of Reference and application form on CSCC website)

Deadline:  November 30, 2014

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Call for Applications for CSCC Grants

Call for Applications for Grants 

Members are invited to apply for grants for educational activities such as courses, visiting other laboratories, and attendance at provincial, national, or international courses, workshops, task forces or committees that promote professional development in laboratory medicine. 

There are 2 grants available

  • Leadership and/or Administration Grant
  • Education Grant

The terms of reference and application forms are on the CSCC website.

Deadline to apply:  November 30, 2014


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IFCC Positions Open


IFCC periodically issues a call to each Society asking for nominations to Committees.  If a nomination from CSCC to IFCC is accepted, the CSCC member becomes a member of the committee.  Nominees not accepted for a position are usually invited to sit on the committee as a corresponding member.

How to Apply:
CSCC members interested in applying for a position should send a supporting statement (~500 words) indicating why you would be suitable for this position and a short CV (maximum 1 page) to the CSCC Head Office (office@cscc.ca) by the deadline.  Please read the request carefully as some applications require more detailed informaiton.  Only one candidate for each committee or group may be nominated by CSCC.  The CSCC Executive will select the candidate to be forwarded to IFCC. 

There are currently no positions open.





























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