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Education Roundtable April 24

Thursday April 24, 2014
0830 BC/0930 AB & SK/1030 MB/1130 ON & QC/1230 NS & NB/ 1300 NL

IFCC/NKDEP Creatinine Specificity Study Findings
Neil Greenberg, Neil Greenberg Consulting, LLC 


In 2006 the NKDEP Laboratory Working Group highlighted the need for improved standardization of serum and plasma creatinine measurements.  Calibration traceability to isotope dilution mass spectrometry reference procedures has been achieved for major IVD manufacturers, as evidenced by EQAS schemes using commutable samples. Since standardized calibration does not change a measurement procedure‚Äôs susceptibility to interfering substances, this study was designed to assess state of the art specificity characteristics for contemporary creatinine methods, and to aid in establishing performance recommendations. Using 4 enzymatic and 3 Jaffe commercial procedures, differences were observed both in magnitude and direction of bias among methods, whether enzymatic or Jaffe. The influence of interfering substances was less frequent with enzymatic procedures, but no procedure was unaffected.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to: 


1) Understand and discuss the highly nuanced character of different creatinine measurement procedures and method principles with respect to method susceptibility to measurement bias when measuring patient samples either known to contain common interferents or collected from patients classified in certain common pathological states/clinical sub populations.
2) Recognize and educate medical practitioners with respect to measurement procedure-specific limitations and precautions when using common commercial creatinine methods to assess kidney function in certain important clinical sub-populations. 

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IFCC Positions Open

IFCC periodically issues a call to each Society asking for nominations to Committees.  If a nomination from CSCC to IFCC is accepted, the CSCC member becomes a member of the committee.  Nominees not accepted for a position are usually invited to sit on the committee as a corresponding member.

How to Apply:
CSCC members interested in applying for a position should send a supporting statement (~500 words) indicating why you would be suitable for this position and a short CV (maximum 1 page) to the CSCC Head Office (office@cscc.ca) by the deadline.  Only one candidate for each committee or group may be nominated by CSCC.  The CSCC Executive will select the candidate to be forwarded to IFCC. 

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